SJ Johnson

Sable 097 (zero-nine-seven) was formed by singer/songwriter Sarah-Jane (SJ) Johnson and guitarist/songwriter Malcolm Journeaux in summer 2019.

SJ and Malcolm met in 2005 when SJ was invited to join a band - Crimson Scarlet - Malcolm had co-founded in 2002. SJ became the band's vocalist and collaborated on songwriting with Malcolm.

Drummer/percussionist Pete Smith, who had been in Crimson Scarlet with SJ and Malcolm, joined Sable 097 in May 2020.

Keyboard player Ian Jenkins, a friend of Malcolm's, joined Sable 097 in November 2020.

Why Sable97?

Back in the 1980s before mobile phones there were car phones and each car phone user was allocated a call sign they had to use when connecting to a central operator. Malcolm Journeaux's call sign was Sable Zero Nine Seven!