SJ Johnson

Sable 097 (zero-nine-seven) was formed by singer/songwriter Sarah-Jane (SJ) Johnson and guitarist/songwriter Malcolm Journeaux in June 2019.

Drummer/percussionist Pete Smith joined Sable 097 in May 2020.

Keyboard player Ian Jenkins joined Sable 097 in November 2020.

Latest Song

Sable 097 have released their latest song, titled 'Inspired'. Written by song-writing partnership Malcolm Journeaux and Sarah-Jane (aka SJ) Johnson, it features two guest musicians, Tom Szakaly (keyboard) and Alison Diamond (saxophone).

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Why Sable 097?

Back in the 1980s before mobile phones there were car phones and each car phone user was allocated a call sign they had to use when connecting to a central operator. Malcolm Journeaux's call sign was Sable Zero Nine Seven!